Compost & Recycling

What happens to your trash?

Island Green has an aluminum can crusher! Our Volunteers have been busy sorting, crushing and bailing aluminum beverage cans at the ReSource depot on Gifft Hill Rd. We are almost ready to send our first shipment of recycled cans!

PLEASE RECYCLE CLEAN ALUMINUM CANS ONLY. Cans with cigarette butts or trash inside cannot be recycled and create more work for our can crushing volunteers. Deposit your clean aluminum cans in the designated recycle bins.

All island nations in the world have a similar challenge. Waste is produced, but where does it go? Unfortunately, much of our waste in the Virgin Islands currently goes into a number of landfills across the territory. These landfills are scheduled to close in 2020, so Island Green is spearheading efforts to recycle and compost to keep materials out of our landfills! There is legislation in the pipeline to consider a broader recycling program across the whole of the territory, but for the time being, only aluminimum cans are able to be recycled. Follow these 7 steps to help our islands stay green!
  1. Separate your compostable food waste and use an at-home composter
  2. Rinse and separate your aluminimum cans from the rest of your waste.
  3. Take your aluminimum cans to the appropriate separation facility (in the case of St. John, there are green bins located at each dumpster site)
  4. Eliminate, where possible, use of plastics and other non-compostable and non-recycleable items
  5. Talk to your senators to demand progress in the field of recycling and waste management – your voice counts!
  6. Volunteer your time by sending an email to
  7. Become a member of Island Green to contribute toward a greener future!