Compost & Recycling

What happens to your trash?

Waste is produced, but where does it go? Our landfills are scheduled to close in 2020, so Island Green is spearheading efforts to recycle and compost to keep materials out of our landfills!

Aluminum, Glass & Plastic Recycling Program

Fundraising Goal: $85,800

What we need: To expand our recycling program Island Green needs a powerful crusher and money to cover the start-up maintenance costs. Profits from recycling will fund the program in the future. All donations are tax deductible.
recycling St John Can Crushing
Larger, faster crusher to incorporate more recyclables
truck donation IGLA USVI
Recycling manager & used pick up truck
1st Year Maintenance Costs (Year 2+ Self Funded)

Service & Fuel
rent icon USVI
Storage Rent


Containers & Bags

St John has an aluminum can crusher! Our Volunteers have been busy sorting, crushing and bailing aluminum beverage cans at the ReSource depot on Gifft Hill Rd. We are almost ready to send our first shipment of recycled cans!

PLEASE RECYCLE CLEAN ALUMINUM CANS ONLY. Cans with cigarette butts or trash inside cannot be recycled and create more work for our can crushing volunteers. Deposit your clean aluminum cans in the designated recycle bins.