Green Villa Program Introduction

St. John – a Sustainable Future

The Green Villa Program addresses the discrepancy between St. John’s small population and the huge impact its tourism industry, with 1000 rental villas is having on the island, its environment and its culture.

Download and print the checklist.  or fill it out online.

IGLA believes that with guidance this important economic industry can significantly reduce its impacts to the environment and foster a world view of St. John as a “green island” encouraging sustainable tourism.

Green Villa Program Membership Incentives – Build pride and protect St. John

  • Energy Conservation: Reduce villa energy costs.
  • Water conservation: Reduce villa water costs.
  • Use of the Green Villa Membership Logo and Villa Website links
  • IGLA website listing promoting St. John’s Green Villas
  • An IGLA Green Villa Guide for guests use
  • IGLA provided Signage “Live Like A Local” for energy, water, pool and AC use while staying on island.
  • IGLA provided green training materials for operations and maintenance staff.
  • IGLA Facebook post and link to your villa’s Facebook Page

Green Villa Program Online Certification Checklist

The checklist has been developed to give every villa and residence an opportunity to do their best in “greening up”, reducing their expenses and attracting additional villa business.
Download and print the checklist.  or fill it out online.

Green Villa Checklist Topics

  • Green Villa Operations and Maintenance
  • Green Villa Water Conservation and Management
  • Green Villa Energy Conservation and Management
  • Green Villa Air Conditioned Buildings
  • Green Villa Swimming Pools
  • Green Villa Physical Site Conditions
  • Green Villa Building Envelope and Structure
  • Green Villa Light Pollution
  • Green Villa Landscaping, Green Belts and Native Vegetation 

Green Villa Program Levels:    Point Range 0-135 Points

3 Star Green Villa      70%      94 Points

4 Star Green Villa      80%      108 Points

5 Star Green Villa      90%      121 Points

IGLA believes that being “green on a green island” is good for Visitors, Businesses and Residents.

Green Villa Program Honor Agreement

I ______________, Owner/Manager of the Villa(s) ________________ hereby agree to honor and uphold the following certification agreement with the Island Green Living Association that I have honestly completed all Villa Checklist items truthfully and that my Villa complies with all of the answers I have given. Further, that I will continue to maintain and operate my villa(s) according to the Green Villa Certification Agreement while I am a Member of the Green Living Program.

This is a contract between IGLA & the Villa Owner /Manager which stipulates you agree to maintain the Villa according to Green Villa standards and allow for a pre-scheduled villa inspection by IGLA representatives.

A Green Villa Operation and Maintenance Training Manual is for owners, managers and staff will be made available to Green Villas, with optional training conducted by   IGLA staff.

Green Villa SIGNAGE Package:   “Live like a Local”  

Water Conservation Suggestions including signage for Kitchen, Bath & Laundry usage.

• Energy Conservation Suggestions, including Air Conditioning use, Windows & Doors, Lights & Fans and Spa Signage

• Recycling Directions & Bin Locations.

• Kitchen Composting Guidelines.

Green Villa Members Fees

The Program encourages Villas to move up from 3 STAR to 4 STAR and 5 STAR. As an incentive the Fee scale decreases as Villas become “greener”. Additionally, individual owners of multiple villas will receive a 15 % Commission for Initial Certification.

Single Villa Annual Membership (Includes Web Graphics/GV Logo, Signage & Training materials)

3 STAR Villa – $250.  
4 STAR Villa – $225.
5 STAR Villa – $200.    

Multiple Villas (2-or more) = 15% Commission from IGLA 

Is Your Villa Green? To Find Out,  Do a walk through of your Villa to fill out the online Checklist.  Get your Score and Join the Green Villa Program!

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