Increase Your Business Footprint

Island Green Living Association (IGLA) is an organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation and environmentally responsible living practices on USVI and beyond. It is our belief that with awareness, education, and collaboration with both government and privates sectors, we can establish USVI as a prime eco-destination and model for the rest of the islands.

This year’s biggest initiative is to gain community engagement through as many platforms as possible. With the help of the Virgin Islands Department of Education, for example, IGLA has already launched a sustainable curriculum that teaches the students, and their parents, how to Live Green. Exposing green practices to the children will sustain USVI’s future. In addition, IGLA will host a Green Living Summit that examines the sustainability solutions in the Caribbean and beyond. Featuring representatives from Environmental Protection Agency and other prominent speakers as well as a showcase of sustainable vendors, we expect hundreds in attendance. Throughout the year, we will continue to be contact USVI’s residents via town halls, newsletters, meetings and other events.

Island Green Living Association believes in achieving together.  Together, we will raise awareness of our initiatives, form beneficial relationships, and gain positive reputations from credible leaders in the community. Listed below are ways you can increase your business footprint in terms of market share, enhanced revenue, and local community awareness.

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Branding Opportunities-page-001

Additional Branding Opportunities

ResourceDepot $50,000.00
  • Naming rights
  • Signage
  • All marketing will include logo
  • Invoices and receipts will include logo
  • Valid for up to 3 years with option for renew.
Adopt a School for Sustainable Curriculum  

Photo Op with students, teachers, guests speaker in class, any other custom idea in helping school compete Upcycling Contest

  • 3 schools $10,000.00  
  • 6 schools $15,000.00
  • Each additional school  $2500.00
IGLA Reusable Bags

Logo represented on bag

  • 1000 bags   $6000.00  
  • 5000 bags $25,000.00
IGLA Tee Shirt

Logo represented on sleeve

  • 1000 shirts  $8500.00
  • 5000 shirts $33,500.00
Click HERE for the PDF version.