Due to overwhelming and generous response by community donors and hardware stores, our INVENTORY CHANGES QUICKLY and the following is just a sampling of items we stock.

IGLA tries to keep this section as up to date as possible; but with the constantly changing inventory items listed here may have already sold. You can also keep up with our inventory on our Facebook page.

IGLA does not place anything listed here on hold or take purchases of these materials over the phone.  We cannot store items once you purchase them, so please plan to take them with you.

New and used items that are usually in stock include:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures
  • Electrical Supplies and Fixtures
  • Paint
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Toilets
  • Tools
  • Lumber
  • Hardware
  • D├ęcor and Furniture
  • PVC Pipes and Fittings
  • Wash Basins

We currently have several uncommon items in stock such as:

  • Drip irrigation hoses, various sizes
  • Exercise Equipment
  • 14″ carbide 60- and 80-tooth saw blades
  • Decorative concrete supplies
  • SIMPSON fasteners, various sizes
  • Misc Kevlar Hurricane Shutter system
  • Ceramic sinks with and without fixtures
  • Hot Tub


Some items move fast. It is not unusual for an item to be donated and purchased within the same day or week.