Sport Activities in Alicante: cycling, popular gyms and outdoor activities

Due to being located on the coast where temperature averages 23.3°C and may peak to about 31°C in summer, Alicante is often called the Sun City which offers white-sand beaches, numerous archeological and historical site, cultural places and events and gastronomy. More so, the weather of the region allows visitors not only to relax sunbathing but also to enjoy various sports activities.  For more information and detailed insights on various topics, including travel, lifestyle, and wellness, be sure to check out articles.

Be it golf, cycling, water sports, or any other, their lovers will find activities to enjoy. For example, the famous Torrevieja sports complex in Alicante region that hosts trainings of many European teams. You can find popular cycling groups (both professional or amateur), a wide range of water sports (including scuba diving, snorkeling, stand-up paddle), as well as mountain hiking and climbing, etc.

Playing Golf in Alicante

Being a fabulous and picturesque city on the Mediterranean coast in the South West of Spin, it offers great get-away holidays with its attractions and nice harbor. In addition, golf lovers can play their favorite game in the top-rated golf clubs, such as Alenda Golf and Alicante Golf.

The golf fields are smooth. The grass is gentle and flat, which ensure comfortable walking around and visibility of all the holes. The 9th hole got Seve license with its S-shape artificial lake that curves around the course.

The gold courses offer a wide variety of terrains and styles, ranging from rugged mountains to coastline fields, which suggest different difficulty levels that correspond to all accepted standards. Also, golf academies and lessons are available, and they will help you practice your swing, whereas using driving ranges and practice fields will help you improve your skills and boost your confidence before stepping on the golf course.

Cycling in Alicante

The area around Alicante is so versatile that it can satisfy the taste of cyclers of any kind. You can enjoy cycling along the state-of-the-art road or can choose to ride on mountain grounds and unspoiled tracks. Many cycling teams choose Alicante area to train for such world-famous events as Vuelta a Espana or Tour de France all year round. What’s for sure is that you will find a route for cycling that will suit your desires about fascinating rides.

Hiking in Alicante

Mountainous area in Alicante province offers great opportunities for all, including climbers, hikers, and simple walkers. If you are a view-hunter rather than a climber, mind visiting such places as Castell de Castells, the Montgo, Ifach, and Sierra de Bernia in the north of Alicante region. If you are a person who likes legendary routes, you can choose to walk and hike Sierra del Cid in the south. However, rock climbers can also find their places in the mountains of Alicante region and practice their climbing skill there.

If you are fond of active lifestyle, like cycling or hiking and you are planning to visit Alicante, consider joining Facebook interest groups  or download the application Meet Up ( to stay tuned on hiking and cycling events that people organize in the area.

Racket Sports in Alicante

Alicante also offers activities and facilities for racket sports lovers. You can find superb tennis courts that are recognized both on the national and international level – these include the Arena Alicante Sports Center and Club Atlético Montemar that are next to the splendid San Juan Beach, or the Blupadel Center that is located just in the city of Alicante. Many hotels also offer great tennis courts for their guests. For example, the Hotel Albahia Tennis Club has nine fabulous tennis courts just near the Mediterranean Sea and offers its guest rental of equipment and drop-ins at very adequate prices. You can make a reservation for a court and necessary equipment via their website or by calling the hotel’s reception. However, there are facilities for tennis lovers that are free of charge. They are located in public parks, and Park Lo Morant has three courts where you can play at no cost throughout the day. The park’s location is Carrer Vicente Alexandre, s/n, 03011 Alacant, Alicante.

Interesting fact that Javea is the birthplace of the famous top tennis player, David Ferrer, who is recognized over the globe and who has encouraged many people to try tennis. All in all, while visiting Alicante province, you will find a tennis court in most towns, and you can hire a professional trainer to practice your game at many hotels and resorts.

Water Sports and Activities in Alicante

Still, the main reason for tourists to come and stay in the City of Sun – Alicante – is its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear sea. You can not only relax while swimming and sunbathing but also experience scuba diving or snorkeling, or explore the coast of Costa Blanca jet-skiing. The areas of Javea and Santa Pola as well as near the Tabarca island are the best snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

Shallow waters and bays also offer great opportunities to practice and advance skills in other waters sports like kayaking or stand-up paddle. More so, Santa Pola is a place where you can practice kite-surfing and wind-surfing. Such resorts as Santa Pola, Denia, Altea, Alicante, Benidorm, and Torrevieja have a wide range of water sports clubs and licensed trainers where you can learn and practice certain kind of water sports as well as rent necessary equipment. 

Tsunami Aventura in Moreira has a wide range of water activities to offer: jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, fly boards, and banana boats. Generally, Alicante is a place, where you can learn and improve wide variety of water sports skills, including even sailing. You can train and practice for and then participate in various competitions, such as Salt Race between Ibiza and Denia, which takes place annually and attracts hundreds of yachtsmen. Yet, you can also simply enjoy charter boat cruises to explore the coastline of Costa Blanca that changes from flat sandy beaches to impressive cliffs and rocks in Calpe.

Booking Sports Activities in Alicante 

While there are sites for lovers of certain kinds of sports, there are also places where you can do variety of sports activities. Torrevieja Sports City is one of such places that offers state-of-the-art facilities where you can play tennis, football, basketball, practice track running, or swim. You can do either training sessions on your own or hire a professional trainer to guide and teach you. Many professional and amateur sportsmen from Europe choose the city to train and practice here, especially in winters when it’s too cold and uncomfortable to train at their home countries.

If you don’t have a plan how to spend your holiday or stay in Alicante actively, you can try booking a short active get-away with Feel Great Breaks, an operator based in Denia that offers 5-day healthy holiday tours that involve yoga and other sports activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, or stand-up paddling. In addition, they offer learning Spanish language.

Other Sports Activities in Alicante

While there is a great offering of sports activities that you can take up on paid basis and train your skills with professionals, there are many sites in Alicante where you can have your trainings free of charge. Those mostly are outside sports grounds where you can practice freely at any time. However, if it is important for you to be on a venue but you are up to some general exercising, you can consider signing up for a gym membership. Here, the cheapest option would be a monthly membership at Synergym in Alicante, which will cost you 25 Euros. However, if you prefer more advanced facilities that offer gym and a SPA and a swimming pool, you can buy a membership at Cosmopolitan gym just in the center of Alicante paying 70 Euros per month. The addresses of the mentioned and some other gyms to consider while staying in Alicante are:

  • Synergym Alicante Benalúa - Location: Carrer Foglietti, 4, 03007 Alicante
  • Cosmopolitan Spa & Fitness Club - Location: Carrer Girona, 18, 03001, Alicante
  • Holiday Gym Panoramis  - Location: C.C. Panoramis, Muelle Pte., 6, 03001 Alicante
  • Costa Blanca Gym - Location: C/ Pintor Lorenzo Casanova, 45, 03003, Alicante
  • Ladies Gym - Location: C/Navas 47, 03001 Alicante

So, this is a rather brief overview what you can do of sports while staying in Alicante, and we hope this information is useful. If you still unsure what sports you want to do in Alicante or what activities you want to take up, feel free to contact us. We will guide you on all opportunities and offers that will help you make your stay in Alicante sporty, active, and remarkable!