Top House Paint Brands

Are you a house painter or would you like to compare the types of paintings? Are you in favor of trying new things? In this article we elaborate a list of the 10 best plastic arts of the market . You already know that if you paint with quality painting products, you will paint in less time, the finish will be better and, of course, it will be a good season until it touches a new coat of paint. Now you just need to decide.

Easy + Plus

Let’s start with the most famous products on the market, Easy + Plus. This product of the Valentine brand is one of the most sold and recognized by the sector. Its effectiveness is more than demonstrated and both its finish, texture, and homogenization are excellent. It is packaged in several sizes: 750 ml. 4 liters and 15 liters. Also, it boasts a range of 3500 colors through its color service. Its price is around $ 48. Valentine has another of its plastics in our list, so it is one of the reference brands in this sector.

Tollens Extramate

Another of the leading brands in the market and which is growing is Tollens. Its extra matt finish, its excellent resistance to weathering and alkalis makes it a great decision when painting our house or someone else’s. It is highly recommended for vertical surfaces both indoors and outdoors. It has anti-mold preservative and is one of the preferred options in high standing decoration. The price is usually 50-55 $.

Duraqua Mate

The Duraval brand, in one of its indoor-outdoor plastics, shows a very high-quality painting with a price according to its characteristics. It produces the excellent performance, and its bleaching is regular — the favorite of many painters for its performance and finish. This plastic does not usually rise from $ 54.

Bruguera Ecosense

In this case, we talk about a classic of ecological painting. It is a painting for interior, and the manufacturer recommends giving two hands for a good finish. Its price is around $42-45. The reliability of a brand like Bruguer is always worth it.


Interior-exterior plastic paint, distributed by Pinturas Mirobriga. Its best feature is its silky white finish, does not drip, is completely washable, contains anti-mold and is suitable for many surfaces such as plasterboard, plaster, concrete, plaster.

It is a product of the highest quality that is maintained at a reasonable price, around $ 50.

Sidereal mate s-500

Paint of the Procolor brand with a matte finish, good covering and suitable for walls and ceilings. Among its main characteristics its matt color and it is washable. Its price is around $ 55.

Titan Export

Painting your home with the Titanlux brand is the flagship product of the brand. Not only the brand gives us the confidence of a good product, but the range of colors and finishes of Titan Export marks us a before and after. The characteristics of this product are among the best in the market; It is, without a doubt, the Ferrari of the brand. Washable, good bleaching, adhesion, homogeneity exceptional! Its price is around $55 .