IGLA Mission Statement

IGLA provides leadership and information on sustainable and environmentally responsible green design, development and living. We are committed to encouraging the implementation of these Guiding Principles.

  • TO PROMOTE the construction of roads, buildings and other structures in harmony and balance with the fragile eco­ systems and priceless natural beauty of John by providing practical recommendations to owners and builders on environmentally appropriate green design, materials and site development practices.
  • TO HELP preserve the native vegetation, traditional cultures and lifestyles of John by placing environmental and social sus­ tainability at the core of practices and professional responsibilities.
  • TO DEVELOP and continually improve practices, procedures, products, services and standards for tropical green building
    design, construction and living to create healthy
  • TO EDUCATE the building industry, clients and the general public about the importance of sustainable green building design, construction and living.
  • TO WORK to change policies, regulations and standards in government and commerce so that sustainable green building design, construction and living become fully supported standard
  • TO BRING the existing built environment up to green building and living standards

The Island Green Building Association (IGBA) was established on St. John, VI in 2004 by a group of concerned construction industry professionals and island residents. Our organization with a perspective on the fragile nature of our environment and the direct relationship between construction disturbance on our steep hillsides and its negative impacts on our reefs and oceans believes that environmental degradation places the quality of life and the economic wellbeing of the island at great risk. In 2014, on our 10th Anniversary, IGBA expanded its scope to include green LIVING practices and Climate Change impacts to become the Island Green Living Association (IGLA). IGLA believes that a holistic approach to sustainable green island living can help preserve and protect the spectacular beauty and natural diversity that provides ecological health, a sense of community and the unique quality of life on St John.

If you share this mission, we invite you to Join IGLA Today!